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Dany Labrecque

Dany Labrecque

As a former hotel guest services expert and current tour guide, I have dedicated my life to helping others explore and enjoy new destinations. With a love for history, food, and wine, I have traveled the world and immersed myself in different cultures and experiences. My passion for sharing my knowledge and love for travel led me to become a tour guide, where I can help others discover the beauty and history of each place we visit. Aside from my professional life, I prioritize spending time with my family above all else. Whether it's exploring new destinations together or simply enjoying a meal at home, family time is the most important thing to me. This value has shaped my approach to tour guiding, as I aim to create memorable experiences for families and friends traveling together. With my expertise and passion for travel, I am committed to providing memorable and enriching experiences for all of my guests.

Frantz Noël

Frantz Noël

Frantz, a seasoned guide and former luxury hotel concierge, boasts a global journey steeped in wanderlust and brings a wealth of experience to his profession. His extensive travels not only shaped his knowledge of cultures but also fueled a deep appreciation for the intricacies of history. His passion for history is palpable, infusing his narratives with captivating tales that bring the past to life. Whether weaving historical narratives or creating cherished moments with his family, Frantz's multifaceted life reflects a harmonious blend of adventure and familial warmth.

Conciergerie du Terroir
Manger Boire Découvrir

Conciergerie du Terroir

La Conciergerie du Terroir, founded by the passionate guides Dany Labrecque and Frantz Noël, is a beacon for tailored countryside experiences in the Quebec City region. With a shared love for history, local cuisine, and the vibrant people of the area, we bring a unique touch to each journey.

Embarking on a tour with La Conciergerie du Terroir means immersing yourself in the heart of Quebec’s cultural tapestry. We curate unforgettable adventures, unveiling the region’s rich history and culinary delights. Our luxury SUVs serve as the vessels for exploration, offering comfort and style as you traverse the picturesque landscapes.

Beyond being knowledgeable guides, Dany and Frantz embody the spirit of their company, fostering a genuine connection to the surroundings. Whether it’s uncovering hidden historical gems or savoring local flavors, La Conciergerie du Terroir is more than a tour service; it’s an invitation to experience the soul of Quebec City’s countryside through the eyes of two passionate aficionados.

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